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Early Career Faculty and Postdoctoral scholars need support too...

Your dissertation is finished, but you still need to write. Did you secretly wish that your dissertation would be your final scholarly endeavor?  Do you appreciate science and research but fear academic writing? Hire me as your accountable writing partner.

You have recently earned your doctoral degree and taken a faculty or postdoctoral position. People feel that a degree confers the ability to impart one's knowledge to the rest of the world. Do you experience Imposter Syndrome? Do you suppose you barely completed your dissertation and must now publish to maintain your job? Completing your doctorate is a tremendous accomplishment, so take a breath. Writing does not have to be a solitary event. If you no longer have access to your previous academic advisor, you may feel awkward expressing your writing difficulties with your new mentor. As a new associate professor or postdoctoral scholar, you may wish to use your professional development money to hire a writing coach to alleviate your stress. Consider hiring a writing coach for stress relief. Consider your publishing objectives. Do you need to publish a journal article or adapt your dissertation into a journal article as a new professor? Your publication strategy will be determined by your  individual writing and professional goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if and when you need it.

Learn the skills and tactics that will enable you to publish more research, secure more funding, and overcome your internal writing editor.

My friend, who is a social worker, once said, “Help is not supposed to hurt.” Our services are patient in analyzing your progress, celebrate the small victories of your successes, and inventive enough to experiment with ideas that will assist you in making progress on a crucial project.

Patience is the most crucial action you can take for yourself. One of the most important beginning roles of a skilled writer is to recognize when you require help to evaluate where you stand and what you need to write a well-developed, publishable journal article, grant proposal, dissertation chapter, or book. A publishable piece of writing requires patience, time, as well as writing, critical thought, organization, integration, and, most importantly, planning.

If you need support creating a daily writing regimen, consider hiring a writing accountability coach. We provide assistance comparable to that of a dissertation coach in order to assist you in successfully structuring the journal article, proposal, thesis, dissertation, or writing process; creating realistic work plans; increasing accountability; and effectively overcoming the internal and external obstacles that many people face on the path to align their time with their priorities.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; occasionally everyone needs help. 

A fully customized, collaborative service to help all struggling Academic Writers not just survive but thrive in graduate school and beyond.


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