Professional Development Workshops for Graduate Students

Straight talk about how to succeed in graduate School 

These workshops offer practical steps to completing the PhD. 

Are you struggling to fit in and understand the culture of your department?

 Do you need a “Can do attitude, Get er done attitude? 

You have come to the right place. You will be able to establish daily writing habits, manage your relationship with your advisor, prepare for your defense, work on your dissertation or dissertation proposal, boost your motivation for the PhD process, and learn skills that will help you progress with your dissertation from ABD to PhD completion.

The Unwritten Rules of Graduate School

The unwritten rules of graduate school can vary depending on the institution and field of study, but some common themes include the importance of building relationships with professors and peers, being proactive in seeking out opportunities and resources, and balancing the demands of coursework, research, and personal life. 

Even if you are not a political science major, to be successful in graduate school you must also major in your department’s politics if you want to finish your degree. 

Not paying attention to your department’s culture can hinder your progress despite your intellectual ability. Additionally, it is important to be professional and respectful in all interactions, and to be aware of issues related to diversity and inclusion. 

1.5 hour workshop with Q & A

Planning Your PhD

This professional development workshop is for all graduate students who want to complete their PhD or Ed. D. This session is geared toward students considering a PhD program or candidates in the early phase of their PhD. 

If you are a beginning doctoral student, you’ve likely heard “war stories” about the trials and tribulations of graduate students in pursuit of a doctoral degree. 

However, many of these challenges can be easily overcome with a well-developed and well-executed plan of action. Led by Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale, this session will provide you with the tools to develop that plan and stay on track to successfully complete your PhD!

1-2 hour Workshop with Q& A

Master Your Literature Review 90 min Intensive

This workshop focuses on the organization of literature and the differentiation between annotated bibliographies and literature reviews. 

This will assist you in distinguishing between popular publications and scholarly, peer-reviewed journal papers. We assist you in your search by using your keywords; assessing which journals to skim by just reading the abstract; using a research template to summarize each article in the same way; and transferring the template summaries to a synthesis matrix and schematic diagram that provide the narrative for the literature review or related works section of your document.

1-2 hour Workshop with Q& A

“This was worth every penny. I am excited to progress. This is exactly what I needed because I wanted to QUIT..“


A fully customized, collaborative service to help all doctoral students not just survive but thrive in graduate school and beyond.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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