Writing Accountability Group [WAG] Challenge



Dissertation Coach, Motivational Speaker, Professor, Evaluator

This blog was started as a Spring and Winter break Challenge on Dr. Carter’s original TADAFinallyFinished website and continued at the Dissertation House of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The DH comprises on a face-to-face component along with an online component that involves blogging for graduate students who participate in person or just online.  The DH’s blog is called an DH On-line Challenge.

Everyone needs a Writing Accountability partner. This network is established to help other individuals who are either working on their dissertation or working to establish dissertation writing groups. On this blog, you will be connected to many dissertation writing groups across the country. Some dissertation writing groups will be led by students others will be sponsored by a specific university. This blog is set up as a resource tool for students who want to keep up with the resources that are available for graduate students who are working on their dissertations. If you are participating in a dissertation boot camp, a dissertation house, or a dissertation writing retreat, you have come to the right place.

Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale is your “Dissertation Coach.” Dr. Carter-Veale will be conducting “in-person” Dissertation Houses at UMBC, UM College Park, and the Summer Success Seminar at the Hotel at Arundel Preserve. Participants are required to log in daily during their time in the Dissertation House and are encouraged to continue blogging until they finish their dissertations.

Join us online using this page, from any state in the U.S. or any country in the world. Take the challenge to finish your dissertation!

To join us online:

Tell us what you are working on and what you plan to accomplish today or over the next few days.

Blog daily, preferably twice a day (morning and afternoon/evening) to report your goals for the day, your daily accomplishments, and your goals for the next day.

We will repeat what we say each session: Our graduates and participants pushed (and we do mean that they pushed through adversities, complications, and issues) to finish sections, get chapter approval from advisors, complete drafts, pass proposals, pass defenses, and turn in their final documents. We want you to PUSH and FINISH!

This is your online community. Work hard. Go to the end. You’re slightly closer to being called “Dr.”

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?